In Guaraní, the language of the original peoples of Paraguay, Apu’a means ‘Circular’.

We design with circular criteria to give you timeless pieces with the objective that they last in time.

We collaborate with a network of industries and local artisans, recovering materials and disused objects, to transform them in to design pieces.

Inspired in our Mediterranean and Paraguayan roots, we design respecting the relationship between nature and industry.


different natures

Apu’a was born in 2015, in Asunción, Paraguay, as a design studio that works on custom-made furniture projects.

Since 2021, and based in Valencia, we have also become editors, creating pieces with history, capable of moving and raising awareness through conscious design.

We take advantage of materials in perfect condition that, due to their small size and inconsistent production, are discarded by the wood and metal industry. We do the same with disused objects or furniture.

Thanks to this model, we avoid that all these materials end up in landfills, or that they are recycled again through processes with higher energy consumption than we use to convert them into new pieces.

We want our pieces to be valued by those who acquire them, that is why each piece is numbered, certified and produced with maintenance, repair and recycling in mind.


Our working model


Each design is the formal result of our own working model

Design  Emotion  Sustainability

Ana González

Architect, Spain

Sensitive and delicate in her way of feeling nature and the world around her. Lover of detail and textures.

Tera Yegros

Industrial Designer, Paraguay

Lover of nature, of simplicity, of building with what there is, and recovering all disused materials that are more than a treasure.

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