As a studio, we are focused on creating

Product design and projects with self-identity

We seek to create and promote

circular criteria


Inspired by our Paraguayan and Mediterranean natures and roots, we design and edit unique and unrepeatable pieces made with noble woods, metals and objects that local industries or society have discarted.

As studio, we promote an artistic, sustainable and conscious way of editing lighting, furniture and objects.

Based in Valencia, we work across design, art, and crafts, collaborating with local manufacturers, artists, designers, photographers, industries and artisans.

Designs are the result of a model that seeks to create with

design, emotion, sustainability


Design has traditionally focused on devising functional and aesthetic objects.

At Apu’a, we design taking into account the cultural, social and environmental approach, to create proposals that solve functional needs while providing a positive impact through design.

Nature is one of our greatest sources of inspiration and allows us to generate concepts and ideas that will materialize in some of the designs through analogies or metaphors.

Atmospheres that make you feel different

Collection and limited edition pieces that last over time

We take care of all the phases

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Simple and timeless pieces produced through simple processes in an artisanal way.

In many cases, they are created with noble woods and metals recovered from local industries.

MIMBÍ | Lighting

Mimbí -to shine, in Guaraní- is our collection of lamps that generate special atmospheres.

The pieces are the result of a sensitive process that takes advantage of scrap material from local industries, reducing it to the minimum size for long-term sustainable production.

GUAPY | Seating

Guapy –to sit, in Guaraní– is our collection of seats.

With guapy’s we want to be part of everyday life, whether in a break or in a meeting.

Limited edition

Our limited editions are artistic pieces handmade by Tera Yegros and Ana González transforming recovered materials or objects.

These signature designs are signed, numbered and certified, and they will never be exactly the same. In many cases, imperfection will be part of their history

Material as treasure

Artistic pieces made from a certain amount of recovered material to which we saw an interesting potential and will never exist again.

Object as treasure

Artistic pieces from object found by chance, with a exiting history behind. We love to imagine stories about the objects we find. ¿Whose was it? ¿Where was it?


Our studio is always open to collaborate on different projects.

Send us a message with any question or concern and we can schedule a meeting to hear your idea.

¡Welcome to APU'A!

Start your circular design journey

Find unique pieces made with discarded noble woods and metals.

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