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Found treasure: 3 upholstered chairs

Place: El pla del Remei, Valencia, 2019.

Second chance | recovery exercise. We love to imagine stories about the objects we find: whose was it? Where was it?

With these chairs, we made the wood breathe, we changed the proportion by removing the backrest and added round beech slats, to bring light and contrast with the reclaimed wood.

We cleaned up the interior structure of the seat upholstery, and left it in a natural color, with all the defects in sight, adding a hand-painted plywood in a light color so that it would not compete with the main structure.

From being dark and deteriorated chairs, they became stools with their own light and refined lines.


Dimensions: 45 x 42 x 55 cm
Wood: Solid beech, flexible birch plywood
Wood finish: Colorless varnish, beige ecological enamel

Handmade in Valencia, Spain



The limited edition pieces are designed and crafted personally in our studio, creating a very intimate bond between designer and object.

These signature designs are handcrafted from waste materials -Material as treasure-, or from objects found by chance -Object as treasure-.

They will never be exactly the same, and in many cases, imperfection will be part of their history.

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