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Ànec -Duck, in Valencian- generates an atmosphere that soothes and leads us to an intimate space.

It is born from pieces that, instead of being discarded, become structures capable of generating light and shadow.

This ‘V’ version presents a trapezoidal lampshade with a choice of two metal colors.


Dimensions: 15 x 20 x 36 cm
Scrap wood: Solid oak and beech, birch plywood
Wood finish: Teka Oil
Scrap metal: Steel sheet
Metal finish: Powder coated

Handmade in Valencia, Spain


Mimbí -to shine, in Guaraní- is our collection of lamps that generate special atmospheres.

The pieces are the result of a sensitive process that takes advantage of scrap material from local industries, reducing it to the minimum size for long-term sustainable production.

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20.01.MI_APUA_ÀNEC V_650x389_650x800 copia 15
20.01.MI_APUA_ÀNEC V_650x389_650x800 copia 13
20.02.MI_APUA_ÀNEC V_750x1300 copia 3
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20.01.MI_APUA_ÀNEC V_650x389_650x800 copia 16
20.02.MI_APUA_ÀNEC V_650x389 copia
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20.02.MI_APUA_ÀNEC V_750x1300
20.02.MI_APUA_ÀNEC V_650x800 copia 11
20.02.MI_APUA_ÀNEC V_650x800 copia 6
20.02.MI_APUA_ÀNEC V_750x1300 copia

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