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Inteligence Development Center | 2017

CDI is an educational organization that provides a space for talent, change and learning to develop in community by participating, talking, feeling and thinking.

The project consisted of designing and producing the furniture for the multifunctional classrooms of its new headquarters.

The educational program proposed 5 blocks of classrooms separated by age, based on the color palette of the institution’s identity:

Multicolor module (3 to 5), red module (6 to 9), yellow module (10 to 12) green module (13 to 15) and blue module (16 to 18).


Re – Use / Create

We started from the premise of recycling part of the existing furniture from their old classrooms, such as chairs and tables aesthetically deteriorated, but with a good structural condition to transform them into new pieces with their own identity.

We designed furniture and play elements with unique characteristics based on the constant exchange with the pedagogical and architectural team, taking into account the use, ergonomics, anthropometry, and educational method of the different ages.

The elements designed in each module enhance students’ learning at an emotional, physical and intellectual level, and were devised from studies of color psychology and psychomotor skills according to ages.

Place: Asuncion, Paraguay

Architecture project: Arch. Sergio Ruggeri, Arch. Joseto Cubilla, Arch. Desiree Dumot.

Furniture project: Apu’a

Furnished area: 1200m2

Year: 2017

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17.01.PR_APUA_CDI_650x800 copia 5
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17.01.PR_APUA_CDI_750x1300 copia 4
17.01.PR_APUA_CDI_650x389 copia 19
17.01.PR_APUA_CDI_650x389 copia 4
17.01.PR_APUA_CDI_650x800 copia 9
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17.01.PR_APUA_CDI_650x389 copia 3
17.01.PR_APUA_CDI_650x389 copia 2
17.01.PR_APUA_CDI_650x800 copia 8
17.01.PR_APUA_CDI_750x1300 copia 7
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