Have you ever played a treasure hunt? Or in its most homemade version, simply to the “hideaway”.

Do you remember the feeling of joy when you knew that you were close to finding that hidden object? It is the same thing that happens to us in APU’A.

You know that you are going to find something that has “that” that makes it unique (although many times it is very normal), and that it will be able to transform into a totally different object from what it is or different from the one you found.

That is why the limited editions have that unique component, of game and fun. We never know where we will find the following objects or materials that we will transform into limited edition designs.

We want each customer who purchases a limited edition object to feel that same sensation, to find their own treasure, knowing that there is no one like it, and that it is part of a search, sometimes consciously, others fortuitously.

¡Welcome to APU'A!

Start your circular design journey

Find unique pieces made with discarded noble woods and metals.

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