We were invited to participate in the annual Lexus Art Car contest, where art and design interact, carrying out a proposal for the farewell of the Lexus NX300.

This is our proposal.

The wonder of finding matter, reusing it, and even rethinking its use is exciting.

At Lexus Art Car 22, we say goodbye to the NX300, turning it into a piece of ART that will convey our commitment to the environment, in favor of a more circular design that looks to the future, knowing that other ways of creating are possible.

Starting from the concepts of symbiosis, art, design and circularity, we will intervene the vehicle with recycled paper from different places, promoting that what for some is surplus, for others, is the beginning of a new project.
Two organisms that meet in an unusual way and context, coming together in order to show that another way of thinking is possible.

The texture, the imperfection of the paper and the color will lead our message to the world:
“Let’s contribute together to the circular economy”

¡Welcome to APU'A!

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