We design based on concepts that might seem antagonistic but that speak the same language, with the same purpose, to create in a conscious way while still designing with criteria, detail and good work.

Our base is the use of discarded materials from the nearby wood and metal industries. That we say “discarded” does not mean unusable, it does not mean that they cannot have a second life, it often means that the formats of these discarded materials are the result of the manufacture of other objects. For us, these discards are an opportunity to design based on “what is there”.

The standardization of these discarded pieces are the basis of the subsequent design, sizes that can be repeated, which give us the opportunity to make the most of the materials without taking them to another heat cycle to transform them again into other types of materials or directly throw them away.

Not only is the material we use essential, we must understand their behavior and how they dialogue with each other. We love being able to make several materials coexist in a single design, they are compositions of textures, colors and shapes, a kind of balanced collage, where nothing is superfluous or missing, where everything coexists.

We want the materials that we assemble to be able to later be easily repaired or decomposed in a simple way like a puzzle. This way of understanding the later life of an object will help us in the future to be able to better reuse the materials or directly recycle them. Joints can be seen and beautiful.

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