Different natures

In Guaraní, language of the original peoples of Paraguay, Apu’a means ‘circular’.

Our philosophy is based on the understanding of what surrounds us, experiencing the ‘design journey’ as a circular path that materializes respecting the relationship between nature and industry, enhancing the identity of our different cultures.



Currently, our way of contribute to the environment, to our surroundings, to the nature, and people, is through the edition of pieces created to take advantage of what already exists in a systematic way.

For us, treasures come in the form of disused materials or in the form of objects founded by chance.


Even before our studio was APU’A, our concern towards design was always present in different ways, designing furniture with a mixture of metal and wood, rescuing disused pieces or objects and then giving it a different use, thinking about the details of the pieces. The value was contributed with the ideas, with the material and the processes. When it all started, the shade of the mango tree in the garden was our shelter, it was our outdoor workshop.

In 2015, we began our journey as APU’A, developing collectibles and custom furniture projects. In 2018 Valencia became our new home, and now after a time of reflection our studio is renewed, with the mixture of what began in Paraguay and what we have developed over the years.

Industrial Designer, Paraguay, 1988

Lover of nature, simplicity, of building with what there is, and of recovering all disused materials.

Architect, Valencia, 1987

Sensitive and delicate in her way of feeling nature and the world around her. Lover of details and textures.

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